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100% 天然麥蘆卡植物調膚   
New Zealand

100% Natural Manuka Honey  

New Zealand

100% 天然麥蘆卡植物調膚   
  • Use New Zealand's unique native plant to heal, purify, nourish and protect the skin.

  • All natural therapies ingredients: Manuka honey, Echinacea extract, lactic acid, New Zealand hemp Essence, Ancient cave fire halloysite concrete, Manuka Tea tree oil, rose fruit oil, rebuild healthy skin cells.

  • Manuka honey is a traditional therapeutic ingredient of New Zealand Maori, containing minerals, vitamins, and natural amino acids, to achieve clean, anti-inflammatory, while oxidizing deep moisturizing effect.

  • For sensitive and lack of water red, long acne skin acne, pregnant women can choose


Food-grade left-hand lactic acid Honey Mask: With Echinacea extract anti-inflammatory anti-oxygen, help soften hair follicles, with unique no pain needle Qing technology, uprooted the whole mite "

Unique nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that help repair damaged cells and provide excellent natural moisturizing effects. Magnification 1000 times times-shiny full face BYE BYE

100% 天然麥蘆卡植物調膚   

Antibacterial Deworming NO.1   

1. Cleansing, Moisturizing Facial Cleanser vitalizing cleanser-soft and gentle, clean does not take away the water, natural Kumara Lotus Plant to replace the detergent.


2. To the cuticle, Manuka Honey Exfoliating Surface Warm Honey exfoliant-Manuka Honey, with the purple coneflower and lactic acid, bring exfoliating, soft, moisturizing 36 efficacy.


3. Ozone vapor needle clear + ancient volcanic cave halloysite washlet pore Ozone steam Hallo Clay purifier-in the sterile state of long-term occlusion stubborn grease does not clear, prevent re-bacterial infection. With Manuka extract, it helps to purify and cut the wound, make deep cleansing, remove the phoneme on the skin and control the secretion of oil.


4. Peach extension Powerful anti-contour lifting massage Totarol Radiance oil-peach Nature Super antioxidant, 3 times stronger than vitamin E, can effectively neutralize the skin aging related to free radicals.

The complex of the heartwood from Toto pulls trees, because of its anti-microbial and effective antioxidant activity, the wood is extremely anti-aging. The compound was extracted from the recirculation of the tower using supercritical solvent-free extraction, and no trees were felled. Very effective for acne bacteria.

-With pink crystal Rose Quartz Crystal (another configuration) to massage, effectively remove edema and toxins.


 5. Water-skiing jelly/deep Moisturizing Mask Hydrating Gel Mask/ultra Nourishing mask-Manuka Honey and hemp Gel can focus on the targeted repair and moisturizing, to the skin to inject water and improve the degree of moisture, smooth fine lines, restore young skin.

-Manuka Tea Tree oil resists environmental pollution, and rosehip oil stimulates skin cells to renew, anti-oxygen to tighten the skin.

100% Natural Ingredients

  • BDIH in Germany set some of the most stringent natural standards around the world. Taking into account the environmental impact of the procurement of raw materials and production, the handling of raw materials, genetic modification and consumer expectations. The standard also prohibits the use of radioactive radiation disinfection, more importantly, the company's entire range must meet the standards in order to obtain a certified natural cosmetics seal.

After 3 sessions

After 6 sessions

  • COSMOS Organic is one of the most rigorous certification programs in the world. It is internationally established by BDIH in Germany, COSMEBIO & ECOCERT in France, ICEA in Italy and SOIL ASSOCIATION in the UK.

  • The COSMOS standard is not easy to achieve. Each raw material and its designated supplier must be approved - this is a challenging process and few companies are willing to work hard and commit

After 8 sessions with OPT

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