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ATP Muscle Protein Collagen Treatment

Regain youthful skin starting from ATP


Good products worthy of your trust, it is worth your choice


Contour enhancement beyond HIFU performance
Collagen continues to activate, reshape contours and skin, contour pull is better than HIFU

ATP Actin collagen therapy

  • Adopting the only patented Italian technology in the world, it is recognized by international authorities and medical literature.

  • Penetrates the skin directly into the dermal cells in a non-invasive, non-invasive manner

  • Enjoy a unique Italian spa massage, a painless process to completely relax every inch of skin.

  • - Restart cells for cells that are full of ATP energy, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing contours, collagen and more.

ATP肌動蛋白膠原療法- 採用全球唯一的專利意大利技術,備受國際權威機構和醫學文獻的肯定。

Test tube test of neurons: test effect of (nerve conduction factor)

Activate the secretion of neurotransmitters:

6 hours after the treatment, an increase of 41%

24 hours after the treatment, an increase of 87%.

ATP is called (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is an important energy source in the cell. When the fibroblast is filled with ATP energy, it will be in a very active and healthy state, and collagen can be naturally produced to achieve firm contour and whitening. Brighten muscles, lighten red blood, repair fine lines, enhance skin's natural anti-oxidation function. Therefore, when everyone pays attention to collagen proliferation, it is more important to pay attention to ATP energy in cells, because the method of helping collagen to proliferate is to start from strengthening ATP energy of cells.



Why choose ATP actin collagen treatment

Life aging

Changes in lifestyles have led to a decline in the society, which has led to a decrease in facial activity, a loss of vitality in muscle cells, a slack in the cheeks, a double chin, and an increase in signs of aging.

Exclusive ingredients

極北海藻逆轉肌齡】 極北海藻萃取物曾榮獲革新組2015年最佳成分獎,以及神經傳導因子銅獎! 古羅糖醛酸和甘露糖醛酸是從褐色極北海藻萃取物提煉出來, 它們能刺激(神經傳導因子)增加,並能阻止神經系統老化現象,激活神經元及纖維組織母細胞之間的聯系,強化膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白生長!
白牡丹—含茶多酚 及萜類化合物,具有抗氧化和美白功能,有效地均勻膚色~為你減壓、放鬆神經!

Brown polar seaweed extractExtracting guluronic acid and mannuronic acid: stimulation (neural conduction factor) increases, activates the connection between neurons and fibroblasts, and fundamentally strengthens collagen and elastin growth!

Electric waterIt is highly resistant to pollution and forms a protective barrier on the skin surface to neutralize pollutants and protect them from pollution! It contains micro seaweed seeds, activates ACTIN (actin) for recombination and increases collagen to achieve an enhanced effect.

Suffruticosa PeonyContaining tea polyphenols and terpenoids, it has anti-oxidant and whitening functions, effectively even skin tone~ Decompress and relax nerves for you!

Peruvian Piura Highlands Cocoa BeansThe world's best and rare 100% pure cocoa beans, the essence of the extract contains rich peptides, sugars, polyphenols, can promote the proliferation of collagen, proteoglycans, and elastin!


Where is ATP?

Exceeding the laws of aging, awakening skin regeneration

  • Different from anti-aging treatments such as HIFU, laser, etc., the degree of a difference does not repair the first traumatic skin.

  • Medical-grade technology that accurately captures the aging of nerve cells and the depth of ATP energy.

  • Concentrate water shock to fill the dermal storage space, live healthier proteins and rebuild 3D compact profiles.

  • Fill your skin with moisture, instantly supple, delicate and full.





Pay attention to the five senses of relaxation and break the dull medical box

  • Sound therapy, with unique audio in the process, activates the brain's potential, develops chakras, develops the pineal gland, and eliminates fatigue.

  • Attention to the sensory experience, the entire treatment process, the unique massage rhythm to promote stability.

  • Refuse room sales.

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