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Toner laser

1. Thoroughly absorb oil and purify each pore

It is specially designed for the skin that overflows with oil and grease and instantly smashes grease and dirt.


2.Convenient and fast:

Each whitening process only takes about 20 minutes, so the beauty seeker does not need to go to the hospital for treatment. After the treatment, you can use the in-store optical rejuvenation special cosmetics to go to work, so that you can always maintain the best appearance...


3. Remove pores to yellow gas:

For the oily muscles whose face is yellowed due to oxidation of sebum, I will go to Huangmeibai immediately.

Principle effect

The carbon powder has an adsorption effect, and in the carbon powder laser, when the micro carbon particles penetrate into the pores, the laser blasts the carbon powder particles, and the carbon pink pigment irradiated by the laser doubles the energy absorbed in the laser, and the generated heat energy Helps dissolve blackheads and oily dirt that clog pores, improve oil secretion, clear pores, and stimulate collagen hyperplasia

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