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Radio Frequency

3 Major Advantages

When the skin begins to age, wrinkles appear. The causes of aging are divided into internal and external factors. The intrinsic factor is the natural aging process of the organism, subject to genetically controlled aging. The external factors are the aging caused by the environment such as sun exposure and smoking. Skin aging causes the skin to become thinner, atrophy and inelastic, less hyaluronic acid in the skin, reduced elasticity fibers and collagen, and aging such as wrinkles, sagging and sagging.

1. Effective anti-wrinkle
RF is one of the safest, most effective and most natural cosmetic wrinkle removal methods. The principle of radio frequency is to make the electric current effect through skin contact. The electric resistance effect will heat the dermis layer of the skin. The heat can make the collagen change structure and shrink, and the skin will be tightened instantly, which has superb smooth wrinkle effect.

2. Active Collagen

The RF can bring the heat to the skin, creating a Bulk Heating Effect overall heating effect. According to medical clinical evidence, Bulk Heating Effect will cause collagen tissue to shrink immediately after being stimulated by heat, and stimulate the production of collagen and extracellular matrix (a cell-to-cell adhesion substance), reconstitute collagen and stimulate collagen. Hyperplasia, with a lasting therapeutic effect. In addition to effectively smoothing stubborn wrinkles, it also reshapes the contours, tightens the skin and improves the overall skin texture.

3. Emergency Eye

- Instant tightening

The RF heat is transmitted to the dermis layer, and the aged collagen fibers that are stretched at the bottom of the skin are instantly tightened and shortened, instantly improving skin relaxation, smoothing the bags under the eyes, and stimulating the collagen accumulation of the fundus muscles.


- Skin is full and without lines

When the RF RF current enters deep tissue of the skin, the old collagen shrinks and the aged collagen fibers are absorbed by the body, and the new collagen replaces its position. The ever-proliferating collagen enhances skin elasticity while at the same time achieving smoothing texture and firming the skin, leaving the skin fuller.


- Strengthen blood circulation

RF RF heat not only improves circulation and promotes metabolism, strengthens blood circulation, and discharges accumulated waste toxins, smoothes lymph, diminishes dark circles, and improves eye skin problems in many ways.

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