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Why do you need probiotics?

Every few decades, there is a scientific discovery that can change the way we think and change our world.

The latest discoveries in the human microbial colony project have changed the way we care, providing us with a new way to slow skin aging. Over the past decade, advances in gene sequences have enabled scientists to distinguish human DNA from other tissues.

We see each human body as a complex ecosystem, even if a human body is a harmonious mixture of many cells and microbes. In terms of weight, 46% of the human body is human DNA. The remaining 54% of the DNA is microbes. In terms of quantity, each human cell contains 10 kinds of microorganisms. These microorganisms are an essential part of the human body and play an important role in distinguishing human body characteristics.

Human microbial colony projects have shown that there are very complex microbial interactions in human skin. Microorganisms play an important role in your skin conditions. They defend and protect the skin from pathogens, they maintain an effective barrier function, and they prevent premature aging of the skin.

Our goal is to create an environment on the skin that is beneficial to the growth of beneficial microbes so that they can overcome the aging species. To do this, we use a prebiotic to selectively feed good microbes and include probiotic microbes to actively alter the mixing of the microbes on the skin.

Synergistic effect of (probiotics) and (prebiotics)


Active Probiotics: Add high-level active probiotic microorganisms with different stability in key products to increase product effect

Probiotic extraction: the presence of lysis (probiotic microbial extraction) to give the skin the best health status

Prebiotics: Prebiotics (like inulin and oligosaccharide alpha dextran) are used to selectively feed beneficial microorganisms on the skin. This good microbial food source is good for their growth and restores skin health.

Biome + Technology: There hold a range of biomes + logos in many products. This refers to the combination of active probiotics or probiotics extracted with a low pH value of prebiotics.

These factors, combined with organic and natural products, greatly improve the skin condition.

Highly antioxidant ingredients: honey tree tea extract, olive leaf extract, grape seed extract, palmitate vitamin C and vitamin E

African extracts: African rich fruit (sausage) extract, devil's claw (hook) and baobab are used to firm the skin, and its unique ability to produce normal oil and moderate immune response to the skin.

African vegetable oils: Mara's fruit, rock fruit also mango fruit shield skin from UV rays and provide essential omega fatty acids to the skin.

What does this have to do with skin?


  • Skin is now understood as a complete ecosystem. Human cells and microbes coexist, both of which contribute to optimal skin conditions. Microbial diversity on the skin is more likely to be more abundant than in the intestines.

  • In your skin, your microbes produce hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing factors, regulating barrier function and immunity

  • Maintain the pH of the skin and shape the skin's ecology by producing antimicrobial peptides.

  • Wearing your microbes is like living armor, protecting you from invading pathogens.

  • Calm, healthy skin not only looks better but is also slower than the skin is at a low level of inflammation. Probiotics can turn microbes into a healthy, balanced state.

1. The world's first active probiotic

The research results of the concept of revitalizing skin contain more than 1 billion active probiotics per ml. Each drop contains refined organic farming nutrients and active probiotics, combined with high-tech special vacuum packaging to keep the active probiotics fresh and active. Probiotics exert a biochemical effect on the skin, instantly balance the pH value of the skin, strengthen the skin's defense, make the skin firmer, fuller and more elastic, giving the skin unlimited vitality and creating flawless skin.


2. Formulated for more than 10 years

Clinical research test


3. Awarded 4 international organic certifications:

Certified non-toxic, non-chemical organic ingredients, carefully selected South African organic farming with clear and wrinkle-reducing effects, combined with top research technology

Treatment effect:

Q 1: How to keep fresh probiotics?
A 1: In addition to the importance of probiotic selection, high-tech processing technology is more important, so that you will not use the sterile vacuum high-density glass bottle to save the high-activity ingredients and the active ingredients. Completely sealed, high stability, and resistant to storage (stored at 4 degrees - 35 degrees)


Q 2 : Probiotics need to be replenished frequently?
A 2 : It only needs to be applied every morning and evening. As the probiotics alternate in the skin metabolism, as long as the number of beneficial bacteria stops, it will slowly decrease. In addition, as the body ages, the beneficial bacteria will decrease faster in the body, so it must be When you are young, you develop a habit and often add extra points to healthy skin.


Q 3 : Is ESSE probiotic comparable to the market?
A 3 : ESSE is an organic (three) species with high stability and high stability. Most of the commercially available probiotics are single strains, while ESSE has a higher intake of a variety of strains than a single strain.


Q 4 : Is there any experiment to confirm that probiotics are useful?
A 4 : Confirmed by European clinical trials, a variety of probiotic tests are beneficial to the human body and have a life in the skin to survive

Q 5 : What skin is suitable for use?
A 5 : Almost all skin problems need to be supplemented with Probiotics, especially adults over the age of 30, stress, lack of sleep, problem skin, such as eczema, skin irritation, acne, and rash.

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