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530nm OPT Rejuvenation

1) Precision Technology:

- Effective and accurate treatment of skin blemishes and skin aging problems caused by age and UV exposure to the sun.

- Short-wave light waves can kill Propionibacterium in acne, reduce sebaceous glands and eliminate pigmentation, and stimulate deep collagen proliferation. -- Can target freckles, microfilaments, hemorrhoids, acne, and enlarged pores.


2) Simple care:

OPT rejuvenation does not require special care after whitening and freckle. The care is very simple. Just avoid sun exposure in the treatment area. Do not use irritating skin care, cleansing or cosmetics within 24 hours.


3) Convenient and fast:

Each whitening process only takes about 20 minutes, so the beauty seeker does not need to go to the hospital for treatment. After the treatment, you can use the in-store optical rejuvenation special cosmetics to go to work, so that you can always maintain the best appearance...


4) High security:

Non-exfoliative motility treatment, all kinds of skin conditions are applicable, and safe, no damage to the skin, and ensure that there is no sense of discomfort, and the immediate effect is remarkable.

Principle effect

- Using the selective absorption principle of the beauty instrument, the specific strong pulse is generated by the skin tissue to produce a photothermal effect and then decomposed into the skin pigment particles and hemoglobin and other tissues, promoting the deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers. And rearranged, and the skin is restored to elasticity, and the vascular tissue function is enhanced, the circulation is improved, and thus the skin whitening effect is achieved.

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