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640nm OPT Hair Removal

1.All new hair removal equipment, no side effects:

Through the EU CE and global quality system certification, and through the experience of nearly one million consumers around the world, there will be no side effects caused by traditional hair removal laser, it is your peace of mind.


2. Safe and painless, does not hurt the skin:

The contact cooling laser head, preferably wavelength, penetrates the skin hair follicle at a high speed, quickly and without damaging the epidermis, and feels warm and comfortable during treatment with almost no pain.


3.Fast and few times:

The single hair removal time is short, and each time of each part is more than 5 minutes faster than the traditional laser hair removal. The short lunchtime can solve your troubles. Generally, it takes 3-5 times to completely remove the cleansing.


4. Directly hit the hair roots and permanently remove the hair:

The OPT rapid hair removal device acts on different parts and depth hair follicles, effectively removing any part of the body and deep hair, and the hair in the hair removal area will not regenerate.

Principle effect

The wavelength of 640nm (OPT) hair removal utilizes the principle of selective absorption of light. The absorption of strong pulsed light by the hair shaft and the hairs in the hair follicle generates heat to the hair follicle. The temperature of the hair follicle rises rapidly and necrosis but does not damage other tissues. Permanent hair removal effect.

The machine head is equipped with automatic refrigeration system, and the hair removal process is painless and non-invasive.

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