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FUOCO The use of mysterious volcanic energy, the rare ingredients of nature combined with patented formulas and professional techniques, let your body return to positive energy and retreat from sub-health problems. Let your body function back to youthful vitality, a full body treatment, equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Correcting sub-health, the beauty that is emitted is eternal, and the energy of nature can help us master eternally!


Fuoco energy therapy

FUOCO In fact, it is volcanic lava. After being stripped and stripped by the R&D team, it is finally collected with a rich volcanic trace element such as various minerals, which can naturally release heat and activate the cell. "The magical anti-aging firestone stone's heat and unique firemoon stone massage techniques can quickly burn fat, promote the circulatory system, take away negative energy and toxins, and improve the cellular tissue problems that often plague women. Promote blood and restore the perfect effect of the young body." Another special product is the hot and cold energy slimming membrane. The hot and cold touch is intertwined, which can accelerate blood circulation and increase the oxygen content of the cells. It is an expert in fighting orange peel fat. "It contains around leaf sundew - an extremely rare carnivorous plant that decomposes fat efficiently reduces fat buildup, and reshapes the body."



Create A Natural Whitening Skin For You


Energy anti-aging

Contains three elements: detoxification + slimming + oxygen injection: a powerful formula through the hot stone essence: carnivorous plant ointment, caffeine, proline and manganese, and other ingredients decompose toxins and fats in the body, drainage detoxification, and The mineral-rich cold-heat energy body membrane accelerates the oxygen content of the cells, continuously enhances blood circulation, combats orange peel fat, and smoothes the faulty belly and bumpy fat. It can increase the elasticity of quick-acting growth once a week, and create a beautiful line.




  • Suitable for:Relaxation, aging skin, edema, obesity, and cellulitis, rough skin, weak absorption, edema, obesity and cellulitis

  • Efficacy:Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism decomposes tissue toxins and enhances body functions. Respond to a physical and mental state in a short time to face heavy work
    Renews keratinocytes, anti-aging skin nourishes skin, enriches the breakdown of tissue toxins, promotes blood circulation and metabolism

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