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FOxC Peel Ⅱ

FOxC Peel Ⅱ

FOxC Peel Ⅱ is a set of special for women's skin 2018-2019 of the latest hair terror, understand because of the stress of the work caused by the increase in hormones, resulting in early skin aging and a variety of skin problems, the efficacy is 5 times times higher than the previous generation.

First generation
FOxC Peel Ⅱ

Increased concentration, acid and amphoteric active agent to further strengthen, when coated with oxygen, no previous generation of irritating, such as women who are afraid of itching and pain is most suitable.

Regeneration anti-aging
According to different skin problems, three types of choice

What is FOxC Peel Ⅱ ?

FOxC Peel Ⅱ It is an independent suit for skin management projects that cause skin aging and various skin problems due to excessive stress hormones. It can replenish moisture to the skin while removing skin keratin, cleans pores, improves fine lines of skin, restores skin elasticity, and is unique. Whitening, anti-aging ingredients, re-smooth refreshing, bright white, get fine ceramic skin like BB.

Active ingredient:


Quick Effect

Operation time: 30 minutes - 45 minutes


Feeling: No Itching, No Pain, No Peeling, Sensitive Skin


Efficacy : The skin texture problem is obviously improved, the makeup can be applied immediately after surgery, and the effect is 5 times higher than the previous generation.

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