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What is FCR Coral Rejuvenation?

Fractional Prickle Coral Calcium Regentron

FCR is a Fractional Cell Rejuvenating treatment that is proved to be the most effective solution for most skin concerns. This is achieved through a simple hand rubbing technique that stimulates the dermis to promote the production of collagen, elastin synthesis and encourages cell reproduction by penetration of 200nm micro-fractionated prickles from mineral-rich coral without following any aesthetic machines.

Can improve the usual acne, inflammatory acne, blackheads, acne pigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores, keratosis of the hair (goose skin), seborrheic skin, freckles, moles, mosquitoes (mosquito)

The Main Ingredient“Fractional Prickel Complex

The active ingredient is 5 to 6 times higher than that of his company.

"Fractional Prickle Complex" (Thorn ingredient) is the main sponge (sponge) ingredient that promotes the activity of skin cells, and its activity is 5~6 times of the same type of product in the past. Through a special massage way can be equal to the effective ingredients of natural plants deep into the bottom of the skin, can make skin cells more active, in the shortest possible time regeneration, detoxification, repair, so that the skin guide the most healthy state.


Other brands

Micro-peeling and accelerated regeneration at the same time, a treatment about tens of thousands of small coral particles soaked in the skin, so that the skin regeneration, coral particles 36-48 hours will continue to stimulate the skin cells, promote blood circulation, through cell differentiation to help the skin regeneration of the basal layer of activity.



FCR effect :

1 · Rice acne and black acne itch

2 • A lot of cortical secretion, oil, dark skin

3. Too many blackheads, the skin has a sunken site 

4 • Bridal management: Wedding butterfly sleeves, back pore keratin (hair follicle Keratin) Treatment

5 • Back acne treatment

6 • Improve fine lines, scrub 

7 • Translucent, whitening

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“FCR” Use 10 active ingredients extracted from natural plants

Ulmus pumila L
Matricaria chamomilla
Saccharina japonica
Equisetum arvense
Glycyrrhiza glabra
 Calendula officinalis
 Plantago asiatica
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
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