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皮膚變色不均勻,皮膚呈灰白色或淡黃色,面部,頸部和胸部有手部黑斑,典型老年斑。 白月的目標是要有均勻的膚色,控制黑色素的生成,使皮膚表面光滑並起作用,並防止污染和自由基障礙。 此外,White Moon微循環可改善皮膚的營養。


The skin is unevenly discolored, the skin is grayish white or pale yellow, and there are hand black spots on the face, neck, and chest, typical age spots. The goal of the White Moon is to have a uniform skin tone, control the formation of melanin, smooth and function the skin surface, and prevent contamination and free radical barriers. In addition, the White Moon microcirculation improves skin nutrition.

24 type deep purification space

  • New beauty concept

  • Whitening and purifying pores

  • Use non-polluting natural plants and active ingredients for medical beauty

Skin allergies and melanin formation

  1. ​The skin becomes thinner and thinner, but the stratum corneum becomes thicker and thicker, making the skin dull and sensitive.

  2. Active keratin proteins are stimulated by ultraviolet light, air pollution and mood to produce tyrosinase.

  3. Melanin is formed as tyrosinase is activated.

  4. After melanin is formed, it lurks in the stratum corneum cells, and as the stratum corneum falls off, the natural melanin floats on the surface layer

Pore ​​repair technique

Polishing and smoothing

With high-efficiency technology, combined with high-concentration 4C oxygen-injecting compound formula, it completely removes old skin cells, dissolves oil and dirt in pores, deeply repairs cortical tissue and pore structure, and revitalizes skin cells.

UV day damage, excessive exposure, air pollution, harmful free radicals in the atmosphere, sebaceous gland secretion disorder, accelerate skin oxidation, thicken the skin, large pores, dull and dull.

Purify pressure pollution from the inside out

Radical dark yellow skin


One effect, immediately brighten

Plant ingredients such as flavonoids and lipophilic extracts are extracted from complex fruit acids, L-C, allantoin, and licorice:
- purify pores and brighten skin tone
- inhibit tyrosinase activity and prevent melanin formation
- Anti-inflammatory, anti-pressure, anti-allergy, reconstruction of protective barrier
- Stimulate blood circulation and increase gloss


Instantly relieves shoulder fatigue and eases pressure

With the highest level of essential oils as an aid, it is highly permeable and active, and it is equipped with individual treatments:
- Through the lymphatic drainage massage method, effectively increase the cell resistance and restore the skin to a healthy state
- Inhalation therapy to make the spirit more soothing and relaxing

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